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Marcus Garden
“Nature shows us the resilience of life. We have that resilience inside us, and can overcome any challenge.”
-Marcus Bridgewater

Choice Forward utilizes an unbiased and supportive approach to personal development that teaches others to overcome challenges & obstacles so they can maximize their potential.

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Find peace, balance, and harmony

Choice Forward combines the wisdom of nature with modern practicality to offer workshops, individual and group well-being programs, and more. These services aim to inspire personal growth, self-awareness, and community development.

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An event to improve your sense of well-being through accessible tools & techniques.

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Just as a plant depends on its leaves, stem, and roots to work together to maintain its health, our mind, body and spirit must do the same.

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People are empowered in their purpose, balanced in well-being, and intentional in their impact.

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About Us

About Us

Why Choice Forward

Our goal is simple: Help people grow.

From one-on-one sessions to corporate retreats, this goal remains the same.

Our nature-inspired approach makes the pathway to well-being accessible to all.

Call us today and let’s grow together!

About Us

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Happy clients are saying

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Marcus made an appearance at our inaugural all-company meeting. His words were powerful, moving and genuine. He further bonded our team and was a true source of inspiration for all of us."

Geoff Bremner Chief Growth OfficerBend Health

Garden Marcus

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When work and life responsibilities challenged Marcus’ ability to care for his mental health, physical fitness, and spirit he sought and found refuge in his garden.

Marcus purchased hundreds of dying plants and brought them each back to health, and in doing so he discovered the countless parallels between the growth of plants and the growth of people.

In 2019, a friend suggested he take his plant and personal growth observations to social media. “Garden Marcus,” the embodiment of the Choice Forward philosophy, took the internet by storm and continues to share positivity online today.

Through the eyes and voice of Garden Marcus, we can learn how to tend to ourselves and grow together!

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How to grow

Nurture Your Garden, Nurture Yourself

How to Grow opens our eyes to the potential we are capable of achieving. This self-help book weaves together life lessons from plants with insights from Marcus to help you grow.