3-Ingredient Green Smoothie

Half Circle

A quick recipe to support your physical fitness

For a delicious combination of greens, fruit, and probiotics, try this simple smoothie recipe!


  • Several handfuls of the fresh greens of your choosing (we love kale & spinach)
  • ½-1 cup of yogurt*
  • 1 c frozen pineapple

Step 1: Add the yogurt in the blender

Step 2: Add the greens and blend 

Step 3: Add the pineapple and blend until smooth

Step 4: Enjoy!

@gardenmarcus 3 INGREDIENT GREEN SMOOTHIE 😁🌿 #greensmoothie #smoothie #tiktokfoodie ♬ Meltdown – Niall Horan


  • We use Bulgarian yogurt, which has a runny consistency. Any yogurt should work, but adding water (a little bit at a time) will help blend together if the yogurt used is very creamy

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