We offer services for a variety of topics including productivity, communication, positivity, wellness, self-improvement, and community consciousness. We tailor all our services to specific needs of our clients. Our services are available in-person and virtually. We would love to help you and your community. Please contact us to book Choice Forward today!


Our presentation & workshop combination is informational and engaging. After explaining our tools & concepts, we facilitate activities that demonstrate how to apply them. Contact us to learn how we can enrich your organization.



Using our unique philosophy, our seminars/webinars focus on positive thinking and wellness. We will bring your organization tools and resources to improve productivity. Contact us to learn how we can enrich your organization.



Marcus is passionate about encouraging others to work towards self-improvement and contribute positively to their community. His enthusiasm will leave your organization energized and excited to tackle their goals. Contact us to book Choice Forward for your organization.



Choice Forward is available to partner with brands & organizations to create educational and uplifting content. Check out examples of our work here.





Family Fest Virtual Event Series

Plant-Care for Beginners


Project Vida

Vida Talks Conference

Keynote Address


"What a joy it was to have Choice Forward and the wonderful Garden Marcus join us for a night of insights, inspiration, and PLANTS. Our student attendees love his workshop and the warm, comforting presence he brought to our virtual space. As a business, Choice Forward is amazing to work with, they are quick to respond, flexible, and patient with the virtual world we are in. Marcus was beyond prepared for the session and came in excited, encouraging similar energy by all those on the call! We hope to continue to learn from Marcus in the future, and we know our students feel the same!"

-Michelle Halverson, Student Life Advisor

San Diego State University

Midnight Study Break Virtual Event

Life Lessons from Garden Marcus - Air Plant Workshop


We were lucky enough to partner with Marcus and Dana of Choice Forward for an event at our school and we couldn’t be happier with our experience.

After going through the pandemic and the many changes that came along with it, we wanted to host a virtual event that would both honor what we had been through as a community and inspire hope for the future. We had been familiar with Choice Forward and Marcus’ online content which spoke to the very themes we wanted to touch on — patience, growth and community. It felt like a perfect match and a wonderful opportunity to kick-off our annual fundraising campaign. 

The entire process of working with Marcus and Dana was a pleasure. They listened to our ideas, collaborated with us and really understood the ethos of our community. The evening of the event was seamless and Marcus’ presentation held the attention of even our youngest elementary school viewers. Marcus drew from his experience to speak about our aforementioned themes, answered questions and provided some highly sought after gardening tips for guests — and may have even saved a struggling basil plant! 

Directly following the event we heard wonderful feedback from community members about how the event had inspired them. We are so thankful to Marcus and Dana for creating a wonderful experience for our school and providing a bright spot in a difficult year.

-Candace Silva, Communications Coordinator

The Calhoun School: Planting Seeds

Life Lessons from the Garden Virtual Event

2021 Annual Giving Campaign


“In honor of Earth Day, we recently invited Marcus Bridgewater to lead a discussion on gardening for wellness, and it was the most engaging webinar that we’ve had since the beginning of the pandemic. When asked in a survey what attendees enjoyed most, one participant said, ‘Everything but the end. I wanted it to continue.’ I think that sums it up perfectly! Even virtually, Marcus radiated such positive energy that uplifted and inspired all who attended the session, but especially those who are struggling with the isolation and burnout of the pandemic. His message of kindness, patience, and positivity is one that I hope all will incorporate into their lives moving forward.”

-Renee Diaz, Engagement & Events Specialist

Capital Insurance Group

Gardening for Wellness Webinar


Society of American Florists - The Big Plant Event

The Power of Plants: Joy, Healing, Creating Connections and Fighting Isolation


"Marcus led our employees through an inspiring, engaging, and uplifting hour of connecting gardening & nature back to positive personal wellness.  

His thoughts on vice, mindfulness and the power of getting your hands in dirt were particularly insightful. The attendees loved the event and I highly recommend booking him."

-Stephanie Fields, Employee Experience Manager, Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki: Connected Black Professionals

Wellness Workshop: The connection between plants & personal wellness



Herbivore Botanicals: Bakuchiol Serum Event

Plant Propagation Workshop


"Marcus Bridgewater of Choice Forward talked to the Women at Microsoft Charlotte about the power of kindness, patience, and positivity all while teaching us about our plants! I woke up this morning with a renewed sense of energy and a calm, deeper breath.  I feel like both myself and my plants would be better off if I listened to Garden Marcus daily.  His insights and wisdom can lead to a literal breath of fresh air.  Just ask your plants 😊 Thank you Garden Marcus! You truly are an inspiration."

-Brandy Paul, Principle Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft

Microsoft: Women at Microsoft in Charlotte, NC

Wellness Presentation: Care for your plants, care for yourself