Astral Hustle

Marcus Bridgewater aka Garden Marcus joins me for a conversation about looking at nature as a teaching tool for our own inner discovery.

Happiness in Progress

Marcus Bridgewater, known as Garden Marcus, is a creator – well-known on tik-tok. He has been compared to Bob Ross and Mister Rogers for the genuine warmth, compassion, and enthusiasm he conveys.

Marcus Bridgewater creates a space for us all to grow and reflect in his debut book, How to Grow: Nurture Your Garden, Nurture Yourself

In the book he focuses on mental health, physical fitness, and spiritual awareness

For the Love

Aren’t we all inspired by people who have taken their favorite hobby, or their little side hustle, or their craft–and they invested in it, they loved it so much that it became their main thing? In this series, we’ve introduced a variety of pastimes we all can enjoy this summer–the kinds of things that give us that break from the daily grind–but in doing so, we’re also talking to folks who took the leap to make their pastime their career. And in this episode, we’re giving a nod to a pastime that’s been exploding over the past few years–a love for plants and gardening! For many, gardening has long been a part of their favorite pastimes, but we’re seeing it become more accessible to weekend gardeners, others who thought they could never be good at it, or those who thought the whole proposition of keeping another living thing fed and watered was overwhelming at best. Marcus Bridgewater, aka, Garden Marcus, is our horticultural guide to the secret of growing healthy plants, and simultaneously, becoming more healthy ourselves. He presides over an insanely popular Instagram account, is a content creator and the CEO of his company Choice Forward, where he offers workshops, presentations, life coaching, and more to empower individuals and strengthen communities. Jen shares the story of her metamorphosis from becoming a plant murderer to plant mom with the advent of two little hanging plants entrusted to her by friends in a season where she was struggling to nurture herself; much less two plants. Marcus also gives us a peek into his new book, How to Grow: Nurture Your Garden, Nurture Yourself, and shows that it is possible to keep ourselves, our loved ones and our plants thriving and growing.

Holistic Health Power

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This Needs To Be Said

There is such a need for people to be able to be truthful. We have been tactful all around the world and in the midst of that we want to be accepted, so we conform. Then one day you ask yourself, “What is MY truth?” While digging through a lot of baggage gathered from wanting to belong somewhere and not sure of what you believe, there is a crying out for all those things that should be said that aren’t. No longer will WE pretend that there are no issues to address! Or that we are only gonna talk about certain ones. This website is only the beginning of YOU finding YOUR way.

Sustainable Minimalists

Today I speak with author Marcus Bridgewater, also known as the uber-popular Garden Marcus on social media. Marcus argues that nurturing plants also helps us grow as people, and so he’s on the show to divulge 5 life lessons he’s learned that are rooted in his time in his garden.

Talk Across America

Doug Miles talks with Marcus Bridgewater author “How to Grow: Nurture Your Garden, Nurture Yourself” on “Talk Across America”.

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Holistic Health MasterClass

Marcus Bridgewater (aka “Garden Marcus”) joins me to discuss his new book “How to Grow”. Dubbed the “Bob Ross of gardening”, Marcus has unique insights and observations when it comes to gardening, community and people. His positive message of hope, peace, love and purpose has generated a massive social media following. This was a very fun, uplifting conversation that was a pleasure to record.