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Years spent dedicated to his garden taught Marcus that there are countless parallels between plants and people. Reflecting on the lessons he learned with his hands in the dirt led to a realization: He could help people grow the same way he helped his plants. Furthermore, he could articulate his outlook on wellness through plant and garden metaphors. 

In 2019, a friend suggested we take his lessons and positivity to social media as "Garden Marcus," the embodiment of the Choice Forward philosophy. Years later, we continue to inspire and motivate growth with our uplifting videos.

Check out his website, and follow him on Instagram or TikTok so you don't miss a new video or livestream! 


A book by Marcus Bridgewater (HarperOne, 2022)

Great news! Marcus' new book comes out May 24th and is available for preorder! 

You don't want to miss this beautiful self-help book written from the lens of the garden. Marcus takes readers on a journey through mental health, physical fitness, and spiritual awareness to help you improve your well-being and grow to your fullest potential. 


Get a taste of Marcus' Instagram below!

Looking for long-form content? Check out our Choice Forward YouTube Channel! Learn to meditate, connect with nature, and listen to "Life Chats with Marcus." If you have any content you'd like to see, feel free to email us with ideas!

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