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CEO & Founder

Marcus Bridgewater

Full Circle Rectangle

Challenge is no stranger to me.

I watched the backcountry town of my youth change, from a place of peace and wellness to one of violence, drugs, and a mental health crisis.

I grew up the odd-one-out, rejected by the people who I called family, schoolmates, and community members alike.

I struggled with chronic health problems that threatened my life.

But I learned how to manage these challenges and keep moving forward, and now I help others do the same.

Speaking is a way for me to share my insight and techniques to improving wellness, communication, productivity, and positive thinking. I’d love to share what I’ve learned on my journey with you, so we can make the choice to move forward together.

Full Circle Rectangle


Dana Bridgewater

Full Circle Rectangle

I used to feel trapped by anxiety and negative thinking. It affected how I perceived myself, disrupted my relationships with friends and family, and held me back from being a person I could be proud of.

One day I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t want to keep living a life ruled by unnecessary worrying and inner tension. I needed to make a change!

The change meant addressing the choices I made in how I tended to my mind, body, and spirit. Through a holistic self-evaluation and restructuring of my routines, I freed myself from the limits of negativity.

The Choice Forward philosophy was instrumental to this self-transformation, and I love working with Marcus to share our approach with others.

I look forward to helping you take control of your life so you too can maximize your potential.

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