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Marcus CEO


CEO & Founder

I consider myself fortunate that I grew up without any "safe space," leading me to befriend people from multiple circles and walks of life.

You could say I was forced to appreciate varying cultures because of my tumultuous childhood, but I say it was a profound blessing; I got to be a part of several cultures and never completely identify with one label. This led me to find acceptance for my labels without falling victim to the social pressures someone faces after identifying with one group more than another.

Alternatively, I found each circle was not open to stepping outside their comfort zones to appreciate what was around them. When I was a child, an American family in the deep south adopted my immigrant mother and I. I spoke with a Caribbean accent despite having been born in the United States. I was in the gifted classes in school, but I was the only student who looked like me. I was the poor kid in a wealthy school over and over again, and continued faced various challenges as I transitioned from one stage of life to the next.

These experiences taught me how to be resilient, open-minded, articulate, and fearless. With every obstacle, I made the choice to dig, jump, climb, catapult; I never stopped moving forward. Choice Forward is a way for me to share what I have learned about communication, productivity, wellness, and positive thinking.



Growing up around the globe gave me multiple lenses to see the world through.

I frequently adapted to different environments and various cultures, leaving me with the understanding that change is a constant. I did not realize how profound of an effect this understanding would have on my life.

I am now always thinking about how tomorrow will be different from today, and how we can shape our tomorrow into something that will better our mental health, physical fitness, and spiritual awareness.

Through Choice Forward, I am helping people think about all the little choices we make and how each one is part of a larger impact. We cannot hope for a better tomorrow if we do not start forward thinking today.

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