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Year in Review 2021

Another year for the books!

This was a special year for Choice Forward because it was the first full year of us both working CF full-time. 2020 prepared us for the transition and we hit the ground running 11 months ago.

What was our first year working exclusively on this enterprise like? It was joyous, as we worked on great projects with some wonderful people. It was challenging, with the need for creativity and resourcefulness. We learned to work together in new ways as well as found new ways to trust ourselves. Ultimately, it was a year of growth.

With this bountiful year coming to an end, we're blessed to know we will be starting another one with Choice Forward. We're looking forward to new projects, endeavors, blessings, and challenges. We're prepared to share kindness, patience, and positivity with new and old acquaintances alike. And throughout it all, we're keeping our focus on our growth.

Thank you to everyone who supported us this year. Very few people had heard of us or cared about our work this time two years ago, and we don't take the growth of Choice Forward for granted. We wish you all a beautiful end-of-year, and a very happy new one!

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