Work/Rest Balance

Between full-time commitments and the responsibilities of running a small business, we are pretty busy! When you love what you do and see progress in your work, it's easy keep going despite long hours and various challenges. However, there are times when the fatigue catches up with us and we need to reconsider our schedule for the day.

When we realize we're feeling more down than usual, we prioritize rest. It's easy to want to push yourself to keep working, but it's important to remember that the more you wear yourself out, the less productive you'll ultimately be. Maybe a project has to wait a day or two to get finished, but compromising one's wellbeing for the sake of work is something we try to avoid.

This is not always possible. Sometimes, we do need to push ourselves against our judgement. We do not always have the flexibility to rest. Before COVID, Marcus often worked 10-14 hour days - he did not have the luxury to simply rest when he needed it.

That being said, take care of yourself versus sacrificing your wellbeing whenever possible!

We do not get to choose when we get sick or when we feel exhausted. It happens, and we just need to address it so we can get back on track. Do not beat yourself up when this happens to you; we're only human! I hope we see more of an emphasis on balancing wellness & work in the future.

Here's a reminder to create balance between your work and taking care of yourself :)

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