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Time: Spent or Wasted?

"More can be exchanged between two people who have learned to Be than in a thousand gifts of gold." Time is our most precious asset, and we at Choice Forward are always evaluating how we use it. Are we spending time, or wasting time? Are we making the most of our time, or are we letting it pass without a second thought? We have found that establishing positive routines helps us maximize our time. Creating habits such as cleaning our rooms everyday, buying healthy ingredients for our meals, and planning ahead allow us to maintain our mental & physical healths while ensuring we also have time for our hobbies and relaxation. I began framing my concept of my time around its opportunity cost. What did watching forty-five minutes of cat videos do for my mental health, physical fitness, or spiritual awareness? Is there something I could have done instead that would have brought me a greater sense of fulfillment or helped me make progress on my goals? Cat videos are great in moderation... but forty-five minutes is a lot of time! This weekend, let's think about our time and our goals. We will not make progress if we do not put in the time or the commitment.

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