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These past few weeks have been nonstop busy. Everyday we have more to do; pack & mail shirts, work with media partners, make videos, answer emails, update social media, livestream, keep our website current, and more! As small business owners, we wear many hats, but we love doing so. We recently held our first Positive Living webinar via Patreon and it reminded us that we are working towards our goals. A webinar series is something we have wanted to do for over a year so to finally have moved forward with it is rewarding. After a disappointing experience with a “print-on-demand” shirt service, we decided to take matters into our own hands and get our “Wholesome Tees” made locally. Although this route requires more investing from our side, we were able to meet with the printer staff and look at all the materials in person to make sure we were happy with everything. We sent out our first round of shirts today! Here is to progress :)

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