The Pressure to Rush

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Too often we are sacrificing our minds, bodies, and spirits for the grind of an increasingly indigent world. I had a conversation with a few of the most caring people in my local community and I was alarmed by what they shared with me. These kind and patient people are facing regular bullying that is pushing them to be harsher, faster, and reaction-oriented people. Who is bullying them? Society, and the pressure to move and respond quickly. They are encouraged to act without thinking and react to whatever they are presented. In nature, water flows in the path with the least resistance, yet it is also patient; it will pool or wait until another opening presents itself. Often, our efficiency-focused society asks us to fit five minutes of thought into a three minute presentation or one page email. Although we are always working to maximize and save our time, we still try to fit two days of chores into one day’s worth of hours, and we do it at the expense of rest. We need rest to have productive and healthy minds, bodies, and spirits. My concern is sustainability: How long can we keep this up before we exhaust ourselves, and find ourselves unable to accomplish anything? I do not believe we need to operate this way. Let us work together to adjust the systems in place so we can use our time to be productive as well as take care of our health. We have a choice: Accept the world around us for how it is, or have conversations about what we can change. We are encouraging positive and productive dialogues with our new project. The Call to Conversation begins.

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