Saturday Chores

After fourteen hours of nonstop working, watering plants, organizing, and cleaning, I am beat. I might have put a dent in my list of chores and projects, but the labor and tasks are not done; I still have to get back up on my feet to make dinner. Regularly, I think about how the society that I inherited was designed, and what can I do to change it. “One person at a time,” I remind myself. “I need to improve my environment before I try to help with someone else’s.” Through Choice Forward, I have transformed these thoughts from theoretical concepts into tools that better my lifestyle. These tools create a framework to maximize healthy routines and add a structure to my choices and self-reflection. When people ask me how I continue to be disciplined, balance work with chores, and still have time for myself, I tell them it takes practice. Establishing a routine means consistency, and consistency takes commitment. With the right tools, I have been able to be successful thus far. While I do not love spending my Saturdays working around my house, I appreciate the benefits of a clean space every time I come home from work. When my life is in order, I am able to confront the world.

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