Sacrifices: When, and What?

“Nothing can be done without sacrifice.'' So how do you decide what to sacrifice? Sacrifice your desires, inspirations, assets, value? If you sacrifice those things, will it compromise your wellbeing? How do we measure our wellbeing? Is it measured by our ability to govern our mental health, physical fitness, spiritual awareness and thereby promote wellness in others? If not, how do you measure wellbeing? Do you see it as separate from desires, wants, assets, value, or is your wellbeing tied to these things? Usually well being is tied to these things and it’s the first to be sacrificed. Why is wellbeing the easiest thing and usually the first thing to sacrifice? When wellbeing is of equal importance to your assets, you worry about what you have gained more than you care about how you have grown. In that mindset, you cannot afford to lose things before you lose yourself.

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