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Rebuilding the Garden

I spent several years building up my garden. With the help of friends, family, and local gardeners, I was able to collect beautiful plants from all over Houston. Now, I’m rebuilding the garden after it went through its first deep frost since I’ve lived here. Losing hundreds of tropical and subtropical plants this spring was not the bounce back I was accustomed to in the last few years.

I’ve seen birds, squirrels, bees, and butterflies, all coming to play in the yard as they have in years prior, but there is less for them to play with. At first I was saddened, but I recognize that sadness isn’t going to rebuild my garden, only action will. So, I’ve gotten to work. I’ve visited numerous nurseries, started loads of propagations, and begun to salvage what little can be saved from the hundreds of brown and decaying pots. As I rebuild the garden, I’m using the old plants as compost for the new.

I am taking time to sift through the soil of each of my old planters to make sure there are no mites, ants, spiders, or contaminates before I add that material to the compost. To curb my heavy heart, I focus on the lessons I’m learning as the more lessons I learn, the more peace I gain. Aside from the loss, the only thing I must deal with as I rebuild the garden is the pollen. It seems where the frost damaged many of my plants, it boosted the pollen being produced.

I’ve spent several years building my garden and learning, then I lost almost three quarters of my plants to a frost. Now I rebuild it and as I do, I’ll spend the next several years learning that much more.

Author: Marcus Bridgewater

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