New Year, New Book!

With 2022 underway, it is time for us to share with you the project we spent most of 2021 working on: A book!

“How to Grow: Nurture your Garden, Nurture Yourself (HarperOne, 2022),” a self-help book by Marcus Bridgewater, will debut on May 24th!

We are thrilled to share this news with you. Many of you have been asking for Marcus to author a book and we have been biting our tongues, trying not to say anything until it was time to do so.

Supported by plant and garden metaphors, this book will take readers on a journey of bettering their mental health, physical fitness, and spiritual awareness in efforts to grow and improve well-being.

It is available for preorder so click the hyperlink above or put the book title in your search engine as it’s available at a variety of stores!

Thank you for your support throughout our journey. We cannot wait for you to give this a read and let us know your thoughts.

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