Moving Forward with a Broken Computer

It’s been two weeks since our office computer broke. We used that computer to create videos, create invoices, write, review contracts, prepare mail orders, host webinars, and much more. Fortunately, we have a couple other devices at our disposal, but the loss of our computer had us put a few projects on hold.

When the computer crashed and failed to turn back on, we were worried about how we would maintain our progress and meet our deadlines. We ordered a new computer as soon as we knew the old one was not coming back, but the new one will not arrive until next week at the earliest.

We are not getting our hopes up for the swift arrival of the machine; when it comes, it comes, and we will keep moving forward in the meantime.

With patience and creativity, we have managed to complete all our projects with deadlines. It is disappointing to have to wait on a few others that we were hoping to make some progress on, but life happens. It’s not worth wasting too much energy being angry or upset, or trying to understand why it had to break at this particular moment.

How many people do you know who had a computer crash as soon as they finished a hefty task like a 20 page paper or doing their taxes? We have all been there in some capacity. Tech can be unpredictable and finicky, especially for those who tech does not come easily too.

Times like this remind us to appreciate what we have. Fortunately, our business has generated enough money for us to replace the computer. We are thankful that our hard work has yielded success and can sustain our expenses. Fortunately, I have a laptop with the same programs as the computer that broke. The screen, memory, and power are considerably smaller than the other computer, but it still has allowed us to fulfill our commitments. We are grateful for access to this device.

I reiterate: Life happens.

A loved one gets sick and needs our care when we have work. Our car breaks down on the way to a meeting. You spill on your shirt while you’re running out the door you need to go back inside to change. These situations can be frustrating, but they happen. Sometimes, there is nothing to do but make the necessary phone calls to inform the involved parties that life happened to you, and play catch-up when you can.

If the new computer comes next week - great! If not, I will keep flexing my creativity and learn something in the process.

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