Motivating during the Pandemic

Have you been having a hard time staying motivated during the pandemic? Recent times have been difficult. As the duration of difficulty lengthens, many people I know have been struggling to adjust. With less access to physical touch (a key part of human interaction and connection), and less access to entertainment (what many of us used to escape and get some joy), it’s no wonder why we are having a hard time; but what can be done about it?

Be proactive while being patient. Work on our mental health, physical fitness, and spiritual awareness.

“Hey Marcus, what does that look like?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Short answer: Journaling, Exercise, Conversation with strangers, neighbors, friends and family. Motivation can grow from a simple conversation or two. I know these are difficult times, but I also know we will survive if we make the choice to move forward together. Stronger communities and healthier environments can be the outcome of adversity. Let's make it happen together!

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