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Leaving the Desert & Crossing the River

In every great journey there are obstacles and challenges, just as there are beautiful and triumphant moments - the trick is appreciating the expedition.

Imagine yourself exhausted from the journey of a lifetime. You had to cross a long river with an awful current. It wasn’t easy; the river was deeper and the current was stronger than you thought. It took longer than anticipated to cross, and you lost a couple of items in your pack from getting submerged and having to fight your way back above water. All the while, despite exhaustion, you never stopped for a break, kicking and wading to survive. Yet, you made it.

This journey from the desert to the forest across the river, though it nearly cost you everything, brought you shade and a moment to collect yourself for the first time in ages. Now you have to pick yourself up, go through your inventory, see what made it with you across the river, mend what you can, take what you’ve learned, and prepare for a new journey - one through the forest.

This is where we find ourselves with Choice Forward. The last several years have been a journey from the desert and nothingness to becoming an established entity. Although an incredible blessing to be in this position, it did not come without risk and a kind of exhaustion that you can’t imagine until you experience it.

For us, the taxing years were the river, and now that we are on a more solid framework, it's time to reevaluate and make sure our stage of the adventure is productive and efficient. We are not the only company that has had to find ground after the world changed, but we are one of the fortunate ones who didn’t drown. As we sharpen our tools for the next leg of the journey, we feel encouraged that we will meet you in the forest of prosperity where we can share the fruits of success.

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