Kindness, Patience, Positivity

Kindness, patience, and positivity have guided Marcus for decades, and Choice Forward is his way of sharing what he has learned with others. Everything in the Choice Forward philosophy is rooted in kindness, patience, and positivity; the dichotomies, principles, tools, and techniques are designed to help us maintain these qualities so we can enrich ourselves as well as our communities.

We choose kindness, patience, and positivity everyday. With kindness, we encourage others. With patience, we are thoughtful in our decisions. With positivity, we can find solutions without losing sight of our goals.

Every choice is an opportunity to practice kindness, patience, and positivity, and regular practice creates habits and routines. When you develop habits that make you confident and resilient, and you will soon feel empowered to confront challenges, overcome obstacles, and walk with your head held high. With time, you will help your community do the same.

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