Keeping Organized

What a start to the year we have had! Between announcing the book to the world, setting up new partnerships for the months to come, and caring for hundreds of plants, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy.

Organization is on our mind as we navigate our varying responsibilities. Writing in our calendars and planners, setting reminders, and keeping our workspace clean is paramount to our success.

A messy desk can lead us to overlook an important document or not want to sit down and use the space. Neglecting to write down the time of a meeting could cause us to miss an important conversation. So what can we do to avoid such disruptions?

We can take a moment to organize and tidy our desk before getting up to do something else, providing us a clean space to return to. We can write down everything we need to as we find something to note, or we can take a few minutes every hour to log everything at once. We can check in with our partners to make sure everyone is up to date on key information.

A little extra work can make all the difference in keeping things flowing, and for us, it’s what’s needed.

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