July Reflections, 2021


How are you doing?

We're experiencing a unique July here in Texas. It's scorching hot one moment, feeling like it's 110 degrees outside, only for clouds to hide the sun and rain to pour down moments later! Neither of us can remember a July such as this one. Marcus hasn't had to spend as much time watering his garden, but some plants are not used to this much hydration.

June was a busy month for us between different presentations and a content partnership. We've spent the majority of the last couple months focused on a project. Our deadline is coming up so we're making our way towards completion, but not without our tools of patience and persistence. We look forward to sharing more information with you when it's time!

As July comes to and end, we're spending more time organizing, cleaning, and setting ourselves up for a productive August. In the grand scheme of the world, there are few things in our control; when the world feels chaotic and begins to weigh on us, we return to our wellbeing, our community, and environment. We can focus on our growth, improving our environment, and nurturing our community.

We hope you're staying cool, dry, and safe this summer!

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