Going Viral: A Test on Purpose and Standard

What happens when you start to receive notifications every few minutes, and then every second on a social media app? Your discipline is tested, that is what. All of a sudden your priorities shift and you find yourself wanting to check your phone three to ten times a minute. At that rate, you are essentially staring at the phone for hours. “It is just to monitor progress,” you will tell yourself, but it is actually the addiction to your phone beginning to set it roots. Garden Marcus, my online persona, has taken on a life of its own. He exists because I spend so much time around nature; my garden comes naturally to me. The phones have a way of demanding our attention and it requires conscious effort to resist the urge to check for notifications or assess the progress of new content. The moment I noticed I neglected my plants, the same plants that are aiding in bringing me positive attention, I had to stop and address how I am using my phone and my time, as well as my priorities.

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