Experience the seasons with your mind, body, and spirit

Transitioning into October brings shorter days and cooler weather. We find ourselves energized by the opportunity to spend time outdoors without the scorching heat, eager for soft rain that waters our plants, and calmed by changing colors of the seasons. Of course, green still dominates the plants in Texas where summer extends itself for much of the lunar year, but we are beginning to notice and admire the subtle changes of Autumn's approach.

In all of this, we are conscious of the need to appreciate such changes. We cannot forget how we are affected by the seasonal transition and the importance of experiencing it with our mind, body, and spirit. This season, we encourage you to take some time everyday to appreciate the shift from summer to fall. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the planet. If you are experiencing stress, this is especially important for you. Spending time in nature helps us contemplate our priorities and consider what is truly important to us. Go for a walk without listening to any music or podcasts, and let your mind wander. You may be surprised at what you discover.

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