Endless Costs

I am having a hard time with the internet and how it asks us to pay for everything. Can someone explain why GoDaddy can continue to charge me hundreds of dollars for something that in essence should cost a few dollars at most (my name as a URL)? Or why the cheapest phone to buy for my mother cost more than three hundred dollars and it does not run smoothly, yet the next cheapest option is $850? When did “GoPhone” stop being a thing? It was such a convenient program, especially for those who do not need an all-inclusive service plan: You bought minutes and data to use at your leisure. Now you have to pay for the service by the month regardless of the minutes used. When did video games decide you needed the internet to play a game? Now you have to pay the phone company to have the internet service, pay for the for the itself, pay for a membership with the console to have permission to play with a friend, and then you have to pay with time waiting on obnoxious updates you do not want. All this to play a game, often one that you have already paid for. The world has moved in a direction of requiring payment for everything; it is no wonder we are all stressed! We owe some sort of payment regardless of where we go and why. Life was not meant to have such stresses and obnoxiousness, it is The World we created that has lead to such foolishness. As such, there is hope to change it through awareness. Are you annoyed at something convoluted and obnoxious? Let us know.

This holiday season, let us fill our stocking with attention to our mental health, physical fitness, and spiritual awareness. Be Blessed!

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