Coping With COVID-19

The past week has shifted our focus in a multitude of directions. Work, errands, socializing, and leisure mean something different for the time being. Many of us have made several trips to the grocery store to avoid going later, or in case we cannot. Concerns about paying bills are growing as more and more places of work are closing; similarly, not everyone has the luxury of choosing to self-quarantine. With daily goods like soap and hand sanitizer disappearing from the shelves and reports of people fighting over toilet paper across the country, we feel stressed and anxious.

Have I prepared enough? Is it going to be that bad? This is crazy! It will all blow over soon. How do I know if I am safe? What about my loved ones?

During this time, we should not panic. We should prevent our stress or anxiety from taking over our rationality. Everybody will have a different routine as we navigate the pandemic of COVID - 19. Some of us will go about our regular business with more conscientiousness in the direction of hygiene. Some of us will avoid public spaces so as not to contract anything or risk spreading something to others. Whatever you do, please look out for yourself and those around you. Encourage positive habits, and find reasons to smile. If we let the virus take our joy, the next few weeks will be unbearable. Let us use this as an opportunity to practice kindness, patience, and positivity, so we have a future to look forward to.

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