Autumn 2021: What's Next?

We've spent most of 2021 focused on a project and we're coming up to our completion date! After months of working, thinking, and experimenting, we're happy with what we've accomplished and look forward to sending it off to the next stage of its process.

Once it's out of our hands, we'll have much more time for other activities! It's almost hard to think about what we'll be able to do with it. We know that we'll spend more time in the garden, put more energy into content creation, and catch up on what we had to set aside these past few months.

On top of our normal routines and responsibilities like our office work and video-making, we're going to exercise our creativity and explore new ways to share kindness, patience, and positivity. We are fortunate in that we already have many ideas we'd like to play with, and who knows what else will strike us in these coming months!

In the meantime, we'll focus on finishing this project and letting ourselves recover ☺️🪴

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