An Unexpected Frost

February proved to be a busy month for Choice Forward only for something unexpected to occur - a frost!

In the middle of month, snow covered the state of Texas, a state unprepared for such weather and conditions. We were fortunate in that we did not experience any devastating problems, but our hearts are with everyone who is still dealing with the aftermath.

Many have asked about the state of the garden given the frigid temperatures and days spent under a blanket of snow. The garden did not fare as well as we did. The grass and trees are green as ever, but it’s hard to say if anything else survived. We’ll let the elephant ears, succulents, bromeliads, pineapples, and other plants be for the time being and monitor them for signs of growth.

It’s not easy to see years of work effectively lost in a few days, but we are looking at this frost as an opportunity. We can learn about how different plants respond to low temperatures, and figure out new ways to protect them. Perhaps some of the plants will surprise us and sprout new leaves and stalks in the coming months. Should we clear out any dead plants, we can introduce new ones to the garden.

Frosts and heat waves will come; they are part of the Earth’s cycles. Rather than curse the planet for what we cannot control, we can appreciate the expansive beauty of all its seasons and temperatures, even if we have to adjust ourselves along the way.

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