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Cost and Quality

115° is the temperature I saw in my car when I started its engine last week, and that was with my windshield sun reflectors. As we adapt to rapidly advancing technology, mass construction & development, and more things made of thin plastic, we need to be careful with where we spend our funds. Recently I bought two different bird-feeders and compared them. One was made of glass and cost approximately $8.50, the other was made of thin plastic but cost only $2.50. In this heat, the thin plastic quickly melted and I wondered how many people choose this option to save a little, and are caught off guard by its lack of functionality. This poses a question: Is it better to invest in quality so you do not have to continuously purchase new products, or take the cheapest route and save what you can while you can? I think it is important to address this common dilemma because it affects us in more ways than just bird-feeders. Our schools, neighborhoods, and homes are reflections of our choices. We have Choice Dichotomies that we use to help people think about the outcomes of their choices, one of which being “Progress vs Maintenance.” Maintenance is necessary to making progress, but progress cannot be made if we are constantly maintaining. We have touched on this concept before if in our newsletters; please email if you would like to join our mailing list!

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